PAMM/MAM and Social Trading

Xero Prime routing technology provides you with the most competitive aggregated liquidity at a very reasonable price.
MT4/MT5 Bridge and Liquidity Aggregator can work seamlessly with many Liquidity Providers, therefore we can provide you with full flexibility in connecting to desired liquidity pools. We have created a scripted language which allows creating different hedging and risk management algorithms. Our bridge can be customized to your needs. We service many satisfied brokers around the world, you can be one of them!

Together with bridge, we provide a web-based bridge manager application, where users can configure important parameters of the bridge, generate reports and see the current prices with market depth streamed from connected LPs.

Benefits of PAMM/MAM and Social Trading solution

Offer more flexibility in managing funds and attract more traders. Let the clients who don’t want to trade on their own entrust their trading accounts to a money manager or signal providers (social trading) and follow a trading strategy with chosen risk. 

What is PAMM/MAM

PAMM/MAM are managed account services, the most popular system to automate trading. PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) means that allocation of transaction volumes between all the investors is proportional and usually based on the investor’s balance or equity.

MAM (Multi-Account Management) is a derivative of the PAMM system but the allocation of trades between master and investor’s accounts doesn’t have to be proportional. Each investor can select the risk he wants to take and the leverage he wants to have on his account, meaning that trades can be copied with different multipliers.

How does Social Trading work?

Also known as copy trading due to actual copying of signals. Integration with a social trading platform gives your clients a possibility to follow chosen (best performing) signal providers with a particular volume. Unlike the PAMM/MAM solution, multiple providers can be followed by one trading account and investors can also trade or close the positions opened by signal providers without any limitations.

We provide a wide range of solutions for various platforms 

  • PAMM/MAM plugin for MT4, available also from Xero Prime Client Office
  • Seamless integration with Brokeree Social Trading platform for MT4 platforms

Help your clients choose the right money manager/signal provider

Your clients will be able to:

  • verify the historical performance of money managers/signal providers
  • attach to and detach from the provider account 
  • track and control your trading account profitability