Risk Management System

Our Xero Prime Risk Management System delivers all needed information to effectively control a broker portfolio

Xero Prime MT4 risk management system is a Broker Analytics platform enabling critical client risk exposures to be tightly managed from a central place. Flexible reporting tools enable real-time, scheduled and ad hoc report creation. All functionalities are available from a very simple and intuitive web interface. In our system, you can easily isolate risk exposures by the customer, liquidity provider or platform. This way you can build solid risk profiles. Xero Prime MT4 RMS provides you with a whole picture of your book.

Unique matching engine technology

All price streams are generated in the ultra-fast Matching Engine designed and developed in-house by an experienced team of industry professionals. Our Data Feeds allow all Forex market participants to access reliable sources of FX, CFD and  Crypto instruments in the fastest possible way. We also cover multiple equity markets from Europe, USA and Asia.

Some of the key benefits of our Risk Management application are:

  • Analysis of the trading clients’ performance
  • Evaluation of trading clients’ risk profile
  • Evaluation of risk portfolio by instrument, client, and platform
  • Statistics and charts of revenues, deposits, trading volumes
  • Identification of unprofitable clients
  • A/B Book optimization
  • Advanced reporting of all transactions
  • Full Profit and Loss transparency
  • Hedge monitor which enables you to control your hedge exposure
  • Tendencies, trends, variance and changes within the portfolio
  • 24/6 dedicated support and advisory
  • Possibility to integrate with external MT4 servers

We assure also full support and consulting services, so each client can be sure that it will be fully equipped with relevant knowledge while using our products.

All available prices streamed without delay

  • Xero Prime’s price streams are not subject to price filtration, therefore customers will receive all prices available, without any delay. This feature is crucial for market makers or
    B-Book brokers as it allows to provide reliable execution based on the low latency price feeds.

Price streams for over 2000 instruments

  • Forex 50+
  • Cash Indices 20+
  • Future Indices 30+
  • Commodities 20+
  • Energies 5+
  • Metals 10+
  • Equities 2000+

Key benefits of our Data Feeds are:

  • Data feeds available via FIX or MT4 / MT5 unifeeder protocol
  • Reliable B-Book execution based on Exchange-based Market Depth (VWAP)
  • FIX Data Feeds with 5 levels of Market Depth
  • Latency arbitrage resistant
  • Unique source of prices from internal ECN market
  • A broad range of instruments
  • Feeds are integrated with OneZero Hub, PrimeXM, FX Cubic, Tools4Brokers, FTT and other bridge providers
  • Our Feeds are also available in xStation, cTrader, UTIP, Protrader platforms